Friday, August 24, 2012

How I Met the SCA

I thought it might be best to start at the beginning :)

I can't really say when I first became aware of the SCA.  Probably about the time I was a LARPing college student.  I couldn't figure at the time what would be so exciting about recreating medieval times, given what I knew about their very un-Hollywood actualities.

Fast-forward about 10 years.  The SCA is something I'm a little more aware of, thanks to my kiddos.  A few of my internet cloth diapering friends play in the SCA, so I 'overhear' bits about going to such-and-such war or a feast or Court.  From what they say & the pictures I see, it looks like it might be fun...

Finally, I met my current boyfriend, who had played for years but had been on a break since moving (and I also moved, so neither of us were familiar with the local group).  From his stories, it sounds very much fun, and interesting.  I have a kind of wide and unusual set of hobbies & seemed like the SCA would be the perfect place to make friends who don't think it's strange to discuss the merits of wool fabric while doing embroidery and planning a period dinner party...

Recently after seeing one of those cloth diapering friends Pin some things about making medieval garb, I ask the boyfriend if he would go with me to play in the SCA.  The first thing he did was warn me it could be an expensive hobby :P

After making a deal that most of what we use would be made or bought thriftily, we looked up the local Barony.  The boyfriend went to fighter practice on his own first to check out the group :P and it turned out that he knew the Baron without knowing it was him.  Both are involved in the local music scene...and music is one of the particular interests for this group. Another plus, since getting back in to music was one of my "hopes fors" in joining the SCA :)

Our first event was about a month ago, the A&S Colligium.  I learned some new things, found out I already knew more about others than I thought, met lots of fun people, and had a great time :)  Since then, we've gone to fighter practices and project nights, and more are planned :)